2 hours, 3 hours
Summer, Autumn
Adults / Families / Couples / Friends group / Single / Four-legged friends

Water is fundamental to life. This element allowed living beings and cities to flourish throughout history. Osimo has treasured it since its very origin, three thousand years ago, then later on, under the Roman Empire, until our present day. We will walk paths surrounded by nature to reach some of the most important and ancient wells of the city. 

List of the water wells on the itinerary:

Fonte dell'Acqua Viva;

Fonte Bernini;

Fonte di Fellonica;

Fonte del Gattuccio;

Fonte Magna;

Fonte di Montecesa;

Fonte di Porta Musone;

Fonte del Tesoro and the well next to it.


More information avaible on the website: www.osimoturismo.it


Tour level: moderate/challenging. For adults, teens and dog-friendly. The tours has different estimated times, depending on the different itinerary: from 1,5 to 2,5/3 hours.

-- 1st Itinerary (moderate) and 2nd Itinerary (slightly challenging): Piazza del Comune - Fonte del Guazzatore - Fonte Bernini - Fonte Magna - Fonte di Monte Cesa - Fonte del Tesoro - Fonte dell'Acqua Viva - Fonte di Porta Musone - Piazza Boccolino;

-- 3rd Itinerary (challenging) and 4th Itinerary (very challenging): Piazza del Comune - Fonte di Porta Musone - Fonte dell'Acqua Viva - Fonte del Gattuccio - Fonte di Fellonica - Terrazza panoramica di Piazza Nuova - Fonte Magna. 

Where to park

Indoor Maxiparking, Via Cristoforo Colombo, n. 112. Take the lift to reach the city centre, where you will find the Tourist Information Office, at Via Fonte Magna, n. 12.


Sport clothes and comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Hours / Rates

To be defined.


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