2 hours, 3 hours
Summer, Autumn
Adults / Children / Third age / Families / Couples / Friends group / Single / Four-legged friends

This tour will guide you through the historical setting of the ancient Roman Vetus Auximon, presently known as Osimo. Formerly a municipium and then a colonia, Osimo reached its peak during Caesar’s time. Much remains of that period and this itinerary will take you back to the ancient centre of the Urbs, which still shines with the old light of lavish buildings such as the Roman Walls, the Forum, old statues, some wells, the temple and the bathhouses. Through costumes and traditions, through arts and crafts, let the magic of a two-thousand-year history enchant you.

The archaeological site of Montetorto holds the secrets of the old craft of the agricultural entrepreneur, at just 5 km away from the city. Inside the rural Roman villa, you will find the remains of an ancient system that used to produce oil and wine. You will have the chance to savour those products in a wonderful setting at the heart of Osimo countryside, suspended in time.

Lists of places of interest of the itinerary:

Forum (today Piazza Boccolino);

Lapidarium ;

Porta Musone (old city gate);

Arce (the cathedral);

Mura (Roman Walls);

Fonte Magna (one of the city wells).


More information available on the website: www.osimoturismo.it


Tour level: easy. For adults, children and dog-friendly. Estimated time: 1,5 hours just for the city centre; 2,5 hours with the possible indipendent transfer to the archeological site of Montetorto.

Where to park

Indoor Maxiparking, Via Cristoforo Colombo, n.112. Take the lift to reach the city centre, where you will find the Tourist Information Office, at Via Fonte Magna, n. 12. 

To visit Montetorto archeological site, a private parking lot is available at Francesco Ciculi's family business, Via di Jesi, n. 422.


Sport clothes and comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

Hours / Rates

To be defined.


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