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In Recanati, on the Marche hills, stands the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi and his family's ancient home.
A place still alive, still inhabited, where you can discover the soul of the poet, immerse yourself in his lyrics and relive the excitement thanks to the available visit routes.

The library
Palazzo Leopardi holds the precious library-museum. An exceptional book patrimony, composed of about 20,000 volumes, which has kept its original atmosphere unchanged over time. Here the immense culture and genius of one of the most beloved poets and writers in the world were formed. The visit is exclusively guided, takes about thirty minutes and is for a maximum of thirty people at a time. The entry shifts are established by the ticket office on the basis of the turnout, arrival time or bookings made.

The exhibitions
The Leopardi family's private collections are revealed to the public in temporary exhibitions. Childhood memories, personal objects, archival papers, manuscripts and books dear to the poet tell visitors unpublished aspects of the work and life of Giacomo and his family. The Giacomo dei libri exhibition: the Leopardi library as a space for ideas, currently underway, is dedicated to the history of the founding of the Library and to the books loved by the young Leopardi. The visit itinerary is autonomous, without duration or entry time limits. required. It is possible to access it at any time; the estimated visit time is approximately thirty minutes.

House of "Silvia"
The visit to the house of "Silvia" offers the public a new key to reading poetry. An unusual change of perspective: no more Giacomo who looks at "Silvia", but the poet seen through the eyes of the young woman. The result is a journey into an unexplored world, between the eyes of the two boys, discovering the places and the events they inspired the famous song. The visit is autonomous, lasts about ten minutes and is for a maximum of seven people at a time. Silvia's house is open exclusively from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. On other days it is only open by reservation for groups and schools of at least 20 people.


  • Leopardi Library
  • Museum
  • Video event "I think I pretend - Immersive experience"
  • House of "Silvia"
  • Shadow theater - A day in the company of Giacomo


At Casa Leopardi the fascinating historic cellars of the building are also waiting for you, where you can taste the wines produced by the Leopardi agricultural company, the Museum-shop with a rich offer of editorial proposals, objects, souvenirs, stationery and faithful reproductions of the Leopardi originals, and the bar on the Piazzuola on Saturday in the Village, where you can enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Hours / Rates


By reservation only

10:00 - 17:00 with continuous opening hours
(ticket office closes at 4:30 pm)

For the reservation to be valid, it is essential to arrive at the ticket office at least 15 minutes before the established time.

To protect visitors and operators, to allow correct use of the spaces and respect the hygiene and sanitary regulations,
admissions will be limited.

For information and reservations

071 7573380/339 2039459 every day from 10:00 to 16:30.


  • Casa Leopardi - Recanati
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