Flying over the Conero

Castelfidardo, Parco del Conero
1 hour, 2 hours
Summer, Autumn, Spring
Adults / Couples / Friends group / Single
Flying is one of the most exciting experiences one can experience. If you are not among those who are afraid of flying but, on the contrary, at the thought of lifting yourself off the ground and defying the force of gravity you feel charged with energy, then you must try one of the flight adventures above the Riviera del Conero and Colli dell 'Infinity.


Flight duration:

  • 15 min
  • 30 min
  • 1 h

Where to park

Authorized parking or Transportation from the accommodation of the Riviera del Conero where you stay up to the Avio Club € 6.00

Hours / Rates

30 min - € 80.00 (for the flight)
1 h - € 160.00 (for the flight)


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  • In volo sul conero

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