Osimo Experience

Half-day, One-day
Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Conero in rain
Adults / Children
Journey deep inside

Visit the Cantinone Caves, Piazza Dante and Riccioni:

A journey under the city that will allow the visitor to experience the underground world both as a physical and symbolic-spiritual place.
Created already three thousand years ago by the first population who came to settle on the hill, the Picenes, and then remodeled over the centuries, these cavities dug by man by hand, with difficulty, in the sandstone, tell the story of the city and represent it metaphorically the heart.
Crossing them, like an enormous time machine hidden under the ground, will penetrate a magical and mysterious world made up of endless galleries and circular rooms, tunnels and wells-chimneys, engravings and figures in relief. You will come into contact with ancient peoples and past generations. You will discover the habits to understand functions and uses to which the caves were destined in the course of history. Interceptions of the Roman era, pickaxe and medieval drawings, cryptic symbols connected to the Templar world, writings and enigmatic figures linked to initiation-alchemical rituals to convey the truth to the chosen ones will tell you a story leaving you a great emotion.
After more than a thousand years these places made by man for man are still here for us and never cease to enchant and amaze. It is moving and reverential. A journey that will help to grow, to "see", to live ... an experience that cannot fail to inspire man.

Templars in Osimo

Cathedral of San Leopardo, Riccioni Caves, San Filippo de 'Plano (also suitable for the disabled with no visit to the cave)
Osimo was an important Templar seat. Sacred sites, built in particular points, considered terrestrial nodes (from the particular energetic value) from the guard still today, in discreet and elegant way, symbols and cryptic messages that only the affiliates could decipher.
The Cathedral of San Leopardo, built on the remains of previous pagan temples and the first Christian churches in the historic center, was remodeled in the 12th century. Magister Philippus (master Templar belonging to the guild of the sons of Salomone) architect of the current façade and of the crypt. A huge book of stone under the eyes of all, silent and immobile but at the same time capable of communicating, depending on the ability to "see" who went there, different messages.
The Riccioni Caves, imbued with symbolic meanings and illuminated by the glow of the candles, albeit of limited extension, have an extremely particular structure and a symbolism rich in connections with the Templar world. Unique in its kind is the circular hall that closes the path, whose star-shaped conformation still evokes an aura of mystery and secrecy. Created following a precise design attributable to sacred geometry, imbued with strong energetic vibrations, it had to be considered a sort of stargate, of "door to the sky" underground.
The Church of San Filippo Apostolo (called de 'Plano) in Casenuove di Osimo contains many secrets, some of which are yet to be revealed. Documentary information comes from 1167, when the Templars settled here. The Preceptory is considered the most important in the region by territorial extension and by the influence exercised by the members of the order present here in the time in which they administered it.
The church was built according to the rules of the Golden section and presents fascinating acoustic and energy characteristics.

Also suitable for the disabled

Saint of the flights and protector of the students: San Giuseppe da Copertino and the Basilica-Sanctuary of Osimo
The Basilica-Sanctuary of San Giuseppe da Copertino is an important pilgrimage destination for devotees to the patron saint of Students and a saint of flights who lived here in the last years of his life, from 1657 to 1663. In addition to the private rooms of the Franciscan friar, it can be visited the museum dedicated to him, full of relics and votive offerings including thousands of degree theses and diplomas donated as a token of thanks.

Where to park

We advise you to park in the maxi parking lot of Via C. Colombo (43.483932, 13.484279) and use the free TIRAMISU 'ski lift.


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