Fly on the Conero in paragliding

Ancona, Parco del Conero, Portonovo
1 hour
Summer, Autumn, Spring
Adults / Families / Couples / Friends group / Single
Fly on the Conero in paragliding
Free in the air, the wonderful spectacle of the Conero Riviera opens up.
Without doing anything, we find ourselves in the sky and it is an experience similar to a dream.
There is no experience more exciting and easy to do than this.

Height: It takes off: from a height of 130 m above sea level
Age: from 6 to 100 years (minors subject to parental consent)
Weight: minimum 35 Kg - maximum 130 Kg
Requirements: no special requirements if you do not run along with the pilot.
When do you fly?
Whenever weather conditions permit. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, our flight site allows us to fly for many days a year thanks to the winds from the North-East.
The best time is summer.

The flight takes 15/20 minutes

We pick you up at your accommodation where you stay and we provide: escort and transport


We recommend sports shoes (boots), sunglasses and windproof jacket

Do you suffer from vertigo? In flight one does not suffer from vertigo, being seated one does not use the sense of balance, having no optical reference that connects with the ground, one has no sense of depth.


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